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TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses

To Help Your Clients ‘Go Viral’ and Build a Massive Audience of Potential Customers!


TikTok now has over 1 billion users!

The video-sharing social media app is a huge, untapped marketing opportunity for small businesses everywhere.

Yet, many companies are struggling to use TikTok to market and promote their products and services to this massive global audience.

Time is ticking away as more and more big businesses muscle in on the TikTok marketing opportunity…

…and before they ‘change the rules’ to make it WAY HARDER for small businesses to flourish like they did on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


And the opportunity for you as a business coach and trainer is slipping away too...

You would love to teach your clients how to step-up their TikTok marketing game (and your revenue) but you just don’t have the time to create an online course from scratch.

My name is Andrew Wilson. My company, PLR Content Studio helps business owners and marketers create profitable courses in minutes - without writing a single word!

Before you let this lucrative opportunity slip through your fingers, let me tell you about my “Done for You” course package...


The TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses course is designed for you to teach your clients tried and tested TikTok marketing strategies, without having to create a course from scratch.

With this ‘Done for You’ PLR course kit, you get everything you need to deliver a course on how to use TikTok for marketing, grow a massive following, and ‘go viral’.

Professionally Written and Fully Editable Course Content

You get a fully developed and editable course on TikTok Marketing from professional business writers, saving you countless hours and money building your own course from scratch.

All our course materials are delivered in editable documents so you can rewrite and modify the contents to suit your needs.

Since this is a ‘white label’ course, you can easily add your logo to all the course materials and brand it as your own.

Convenient and Easy to Implement White Label Training Materials

This TikTok Marketing course kit is a complete training program that gives you all the necessary content and teaching tools right out of the box.

The course can be delivered in any way you like from a live webinar, pre-recorded video or even an email series.

Our Experts Create the Course for You to Teach

We deliver high quality ‘Done for you’ training materials which are created by professionals and then taught by you.

With the TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses PLR course, you will teach your course participants how TikTok can be used for marketing to get fast results.

Why your audience will love this course…

TikTok is a powerful social media app for sharing videos. Small businesses can easily use it to convert large numbers of TikTok users into customers through the power of shared experience.

Right now, it’s very easy to make your content go viral on TikTok because of how the TikTok algorithm currently works.

When your students ‘go viral’ on TikTok they will attract thousands of potential customers from around the world, and their businesses will take off!

To achieve viral results on TikTok, we’ve created this course based on 3 tried and tested TikTok marketing strategies that work:

  1. Creating your own viral content on your own TikTok channel
  2. Promoting your videos using TikTok advertising
  3. Leveraging TikTok influencers to create and boost content for you

Complete done-for-you PLR course kit

  • High-quality training materials written for you – saving you hundreds of hours of development time
  • White label and easily customizable content – so you can brand as your own course
  • Ready-to-teach lessons – so you can focus your attention on delivering the training

Here’s the course outline that you’ll deliver: 


With these 6 comprehensive lessons included with this course, you will teach your clients to create a TikTok marketing strategy that will help them seize this massive opportunity.

They will learn how to:

  • Get started with TikTok marketing the correct way, saving hours of time trying to figure things out for themselves
  • Create and optimize their own TikTok channel so that they gain more followers and can easily convert them to qualified leads
  • Identify opportunities for creating viral videos, ride the waves of the latest TikTok trends and reach a huge audience of potential customers
  • How to go viral on TikTok with their own video content
  • Successfully plan and run TikTok advertising campaigns so they can get massive results for their business
  • Leverage the power of influencer marketing by finding the best TikTok influencers that can take their TikTok marketing to the next level

You’ll get everything you need in this TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses package to run your course or workshop – WITHOUT spending many, many hours creating it from scratch.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll teach in each lesson



Get your course off to a great start with an introduction and overview of your TikTok marketing course. This is a great opportunity to get your participants excited and ready to go.


Lesson 1 – Getting started with TikTok marketing.

In the first lesson, you’ll teach your students about the huge marketing opportunities that exist on the TikTok platform. You’ll help them get the fundamental elements of their TikTok marketing plan in place and off to the best start possible.


Lesson 2 – Creating your own TikTok channel.

Once your students have set their TikTok marketing goals and discovered more about their audience on the platform, they’ll move on to set up their own TikTok channel.

In this lesson, your students will set up and optimize their TikTok account so that they can promote their own content to gain more followers and convert them into customers and leads.


Lesson 3 – Creating your own content for TikTok.

Now that your participants have their TikTok bio page set up, they’ll focus on the first TikTok marketing strategy: creating their own TikTok videos to grow their audience organically.

In lesson 3, your students will discover the best process for creating new content for TikTok so that their videos will get more likes, comments, and engagement. They will be able to optimize their videos so they can be found by more TikTok users and have more chance of going viral.


Lesson 4 – Advertising on TikTok.

Creating your own content is great for growing your TikTok followers organically, but to maximize audience growth your students need to add advertising to their TikTok marketing plan. This is the second TikTok marketing strategy and is low-cost and can achieve excellent results compared to other social media platforms.

In this comprehensive lesson, your participants will focus on the practicalities of using TikTok Ads Manager to set up structured TikTok advertising campaigns, choose which ad formats to use, and monitor results to improve performance.

Your students will understand how to use the in-app tools to create TikTok ads and the advertising best practices to ensure their In-feed ads meet the specifications. They will learn about the audience targeting features, bidding methods, reporting features and the TikTok Pixel to track and monitor their advertising performance.

Your students will be well equipped to create and run high-performing TikTok advertising campaigns.


Lesson 5 – How to Leverage TikTok Influencers.

The third and final way to market products and services on TikTok, is to leverage the power of TikTok influencers. Influencers are a short cut to TikTok marketing success.

In lesson 5, you’ll walk your students through the process of finding, selecting, and working with the ideal TikTok influencer. You’ll share how to avoid making the most common mistakes marketers make when it comes to influencer marketing. You’ll also teach them how to become a TikTok influencer and how to monetize your TikTok account.


Lesson 6 – Summary and Next Step Planning.

In the final lesson, you’ll work with your students to review the course and evaluate their learning. They’ll plan out the exact next steps they will take to achieve their TikTok viral marketing goals and get the results they desire.

Here’s all the teaching materials you’ll get so you can deliver this TikTok marketing program:

TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses Course Guidebook

A comprehensive and fully editable Word document containing all the information about TikTok marketing in 6 lessons - that’s 43 pages, 10,207 words. This Course Guidebook has been extensively researched and written for you. Professionally formatted so you can quickly customize it and give it to your course participants.


Course Workbook

An 11-page Word document containing all the learning activities and exercises for your students to work through and to use alongside the Course Guidebook. These activities reinforce your students understanding and are designed as practical action steps so that they will get the results they want – and that will keep them coming back to you for more!


Quick Reference Guide

This high-level overview and summary of the course is a favorite tool for trainers and workshop leaders. You can use it when you deliver the course as a checklist to ensure you have covered everything. You can also give this to your students as an additional resource. (25 pages, 4,340 words.)


Presenter Slide Deck

Our ‘done for you’ courses are designed to give you everything you need to deliver online or in a live class. This includes 108 slides in a fully editable MS PowerPoint presentation. The slides are prepared for you saving you hours. All you need to do is add your logo and branding.


Speaker Notes

Comprehensive speaker notes are included in the PowerPoint notes sections on each presentation slide. The speaker notes are also supplied in a separate Word document. You can quickly edit and customize your speaker notes into a personalized teaching script.


Slides Handout

We’ve made life even easier for you and created a Word document version of the slides and space for note taking. All you need to do is give it to your students with the other materials.


Resources List

This is a valuable and time-saving resource list. Comprehensively researched, it’s a list of resources for your own reference and learning. You can also provide this as an additional learning resource to your students – adding even more value to your course.


Course Feedback Form

Course feedback forms are a great way to get information about how students feel about your course. Use this done-for-you form to identify areas for improvement, whether it's with course design, teaching style, or course activities.


Course materials you can edit, customize, and rebrand – in ANY way you want!

You’ll get the PLR (Private Label Rights) license to edit, customize and rebrand this course content, meaning you can:

  • Rewrite and edit the course content in any way
  • Add your own material or combine it with other courses
  • Repurpose the content into any format such as video, email, or live workshop
  • Add your branding, logo, and name to it
  • Publish or sell it anywhere you like

And that’s not all, you’ll also receive these resources so that you can deliver the perfect course for your students: 

Course Customization and Delivery Guide

Since this course can be modified and delivered in any way you want, we’ve included a guide to customization and delivery. This will help you to get up and running quickly. This guide covers:

  • Where to start with your content and training materials
  • The course elements and situations that require customization
  • Platforms for teaching your course live
  • Platforms for online course delivery
  • Tips for recording course videos
  • How to facilitate your students learning and success
  • What steps to take next

Delivery Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you’ve covered all elements that need customizing when you deliver your course to a new group of students.


Launch Your TikTok Marketing Course…In Days!

So that you can quickly launch and market your TikTok Marketing course, we have also included this bonus package:

How to Launch and Promote Your Course

In this guide you will discover:

  • The single best way to sell your course
  • How to structure a high-converting course sales page
  • The 2 main ways to launch an online course
  • How to plan each stage of a successful course launch
  • 8 top strategies for driving traffic to your course sales page

Plus, a step-by-step action guide and checklist.

Course Sales Page Template

Use this time-saving Course Sales Page Template to create your sales page for your PLR course. We’ve included examples and writing prompts to help you write a unique high-converting sales page specifically for your business. You can use the summary, learning objectives and further details included in the Contents list to complete your template.


3 Simple Steps to Launch Your Next Course…

Step 1

Download and customize this ‘Done for You’ PLR course on TikTok Marketing for small businesses

Step 2

Copy and paste the ready-to-teach content into your course delivery and marketing systems

Step 3

Use the launch guide to promote your course and start enrolling students and accepting payments

Unlimited earning potential!

Your license agreement also enables you to sell this course as often as you like, charge as much as want, and train as many people as you like. Making it easy for you to turn this content into a profitable online course – in days!

For example, if you ran this course for just 5 people and charged them just $49 each, you would make more than your initial investment. This is easy, as TikTok marketing is a very hot topic right now!

(We highly recommend you sell a place on this course for at least $49, but most clients sell places for $99-$199 each)

And you can run your course again and again – there are no limits on how much profit you’d earn with our ‘done for you’ TikTok Marketing for Small Businesses Course.

Just think how much time and money you can save with this PLR course package…

If you wanted to start from scratch and do it yourself, it could easily take a full day to research this topic…

Or you could pay someone $500 to do the research for you…

If you’re an expert course creator, you’d then spend at least 4 weeks working full time on writing, editing, and formatting a course like this…

Or you could hire a professional course creator and easily spend over $6,000 – BUT it would still take them a month or more to write it!

You’d need spend a week or more producing professional training materials such as a PowerPoint presentation, student manual and course workbook…

If you hired a virtual assistant just to create the slide presentation and the other essential training materials, it would cost you upwards of $1,000

That’s over $7,500 to outsource your course creation…

And if you’re not an expert course creator, to do this yourself would take many weeks, months or even years!


Wait! There's more...

TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Kit

In TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package, you will get everything you need to create a brand-new list-building and lead-generation funnel - perfect for generating leads for your TikTok Marketing Course.

You'll have instant access to 'done for you' content that you can publish in minutes including:

10 TikTok Marketing blog articles
20 social media posts to promote your articles
12-page opt-in report: 8 TikTok Hacks for Viral Marketing
Opt-in and thank-you page copy
Quick reference guide
27 slide webinar presentation with speaker notes
5 follow-up emails

PLUS an additional BONUS which includes all the information you need to achieve dramatically better results from your online marketing efforts.

With this 'done for you' TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package, you get all the content you need to provide valuable information to your audience about TikTok marketing - and convert them into qualified leads for your products and services.

Here's everything you'll get with the TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package:

10 Blog Articles - PLUS Bullet-point Summaries

The TikTok Trend
4 Reasons Why You Should Consider TikTok for Marketing
4 Ways TikTok Is Good for Marketing Your Small Business
TikTok Marketing for Beginners
3 Ways to Quickly Grow Your Audience on TikTok
How to Create TikTok Content That Stands Out
3 Ways to Add Excitement to Your TikTok Videos
6 Things to Consider Before Hiring TikTok Influencers
TikTok Advertising Basics
5 Steps to TikTok Advertising Success

In addition to the article itself, we also included a bullet-point summary with each post, which makes a great addition to your blog post. You can also use the bullet points in other ways for example, as additional tweets or as prompts if you want to teach the content in a presentation or in a TikTok video!


A 12-page Opt-in Report: 8 TikTok Hacks for Viral Marketing

We’ve created a professionally formatted downloadable lead magnet report, you can use to grow your list and generate leads.


Opt-In Page and Thank-You Page Copy

We've included high-converting opt-in landing page copy. We've also included thank-you page copy so your new subscribers know what to do next.


Quick Reference Guide: 8 TikTok Hacks for Viral Marketing

A high-level overview and summary of the report that you can use this as an additional opt-in check-list or follow-up freebie.


Webinar Slide Deck and Speaker Notes

Use this 'done for you' slide deck of the opt-in report to deliver a lead generating webinar, livestream or video. You get 27 slides in a fully editable MS PowerPoint presentation completed with speaker notes.


20 Social Media Updates

Ready-to-go social media updates you can use to generate traffic to your blog posts and promote your opt-in report.


5 Follow-Up Emails

These high-converting, professionally-written follow-up emails reinforce the content in your opt-in report and slide show. They are ready to load into your email autoresponder service so you can quickly follow-up with your new subscribers.


And the best bit? You can quickly and easily edit and publish this TikTok marketing content in any way you like.

You'll also get these resources for maximizing your return on your investment:

  • PLR Customization Guide - A practical guide to customizing your content quickly and easily.
  • Content Repurposing Tips Sheet - Tips on how to repurpose the same content for different audiences.
  • Resources List - our recommended time-saving tools for maximizing your return on your investment.


  • How to Craft the Perfect Call-to-Action Template – Quickly create a Call-to-Action that converts your readers into loyal followers and customers.

How to Craft the Perfect Call-to-Action includes all the information you need to know to achieve dramatically better results from your online marketing efforts. Don't publish anything else until you've read this!

Boost your online presence quickly - and at low cost!

In this TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package, you will receive everything listed above. As you can see, we include a LOT with this package – saving you hours and providing some great content marketing resources to take your online presence further!

You won't just SAVE TIME with this TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package, you will also SAVE MONEY!

You'll get all these blog articles, social media posts, report, webinar slide deck, speaker notes, opt-in page copy and follow-up emails - a total of 13,481 words.

If you were to hire a freelance writer or commission a writing service, such as TextBroker, to create all these resources totalling 13,481 words, you would pay at least $943.00!

You will also have to brief the writer on the content that you want - that will take time and there's no guarantee that the writer will get it right.

And you'll have to wait to receive your content!

Get this INSTANTLY available content and be ready to publish in minutes, NOT weeks!

With this TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package at your fingertips, you’ll be in the best possible position to boost your online presence and increase your sales!

Complete with comprehensive guides with all the steps and resources you need to quickly tailor and publish your TikTok marketing PLR content, the TikTok Marketing Hacks - Lead Generation Package offers a realistic and rapid way build traffic and get subscribers for your TikTok Marketing course.

How Can You Use This Content To Grow Your Business?

Step 1: Run promotions with the 20 done-for-you social media posts. Use these to promote your blog posts.

Step 2: Engage your audience with these 10 interesting and relevant blog articles. Use them to attract attention to your website, add your call-to-action and encourage your readers to sign up a get your valuable report – all included in this pack!

Step 3: Use the opt-in page copy to create your high-converting landing pages and build your mailing list with your opt-in report lead magnet.

Step 4: Run a free live webinar or livestream using the professionally formatted slides included with this package. Deliver a professional talk with the comprehensive speaker notes. Add your call-to-action at the end and convert your audience into customers.

Step 5: Load the 5 high-converting follow-up emails into your autoresponder. The fortune is in the follow up as they say. Don't leave money on the table by following up promptly and helping your new-found leads take the next step with you. We've crafted these 5 follow-up emails so that you can do just that and convert them into paying clients – quickly!

And remember, with your PLR license you can use this content over and over again - in as many formats as you like - there are practically no limits!


The investment for all this ‘done for you’ TikTok Marketing Course content is much less than you might think…

Are You Ready to Discover the Many Benefits of Using Private Label Rights (PLR) Content In Your Business?


Hi! I’m Andrew, the founder and lead content creator at PLR Content Studio!

My aim is to share with you the real opportunities and benefits that PLR can bring to small businesses like yours and mine!

Like many of my fellow small business owners, my early experience of content marketing left me very frustrated.

Despite spending over $20k on writing courses and hiring ghost-writers, I was still not reaching my audience. I was spending hours and hours writing blog articles and not enough time actually getting clients!

No matter how hard I tried, I just could not crack the “content code”.

I realized that I was spending far too much time researching, writing and editing my content and because of this, I was getting ZERO results.

How I Made Over $8,000 from PLR in Just 2 Hours!

That was until I discovered PLR content, then everything changed…

As a former nutritionist turned digital marketer, I was asked to do some marketing training for a group of nutritionists in the UK.

I didn’t have much time to spare, so I decided to take a chance and I bought some Marketing PLR from a reputable supplier.

It cost me less than $200!

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I’m not the only one who has done extremely well buying and selling brandable PLR content products, many others have done the same too, as you can see:

testimonial plr content studio life coach

"I chose Andrew's PLR content service because he shared how his content gets great results. There's an art to writing effectively for a website. I was impressed by the content and it's saved so much time."

Gitte Lasson, life coach

testimonial plr content studio

"There has been so much content that I have used as the basis of all my marketing plans. Andrew’s workbook and PLR articles helped me to grow my email list. Thanks for all your help."

Adam lloyd, nutritional therapist

plr-content-studio-testimonial - Marek

"I’ve been using PLR Content Studio for the last couple of months, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered it. I’ve had more success with my marketing campaigns as a result. I used to start each day dreading all the writing I needed to do. This PLR content saves loads of time! I don't know how I'd get all my content created if it weren't for PLR Content Studio. Thank you!"

MarTin Batson, South Africa

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"I'm so glad I've discovered PLR Content Studio's done-for-you content. It's excellent and such a time saver. I was able to quickly edit the articles to suit my personality and opinions. Writing and content creation went so much faster having the bones already there! Like renovating a house instead of building from the ground up! I’m excited to have discovered PLR Content! Thank you!"

Marc Smith, United KingdoM

This has inspired me to create more quality PLR products and set up this PLR business to help others, like you. 

I’ve been in this game for over 8 years now, I’ve built many blogs and websites for me and my clients and used PLR content successfully.

The digital world thrives on content!

Without it many businesses would go out of business.

Using quality PLR in your business means never having to write content from scratch, can save you huge amounts of time and money!

Give our content packages a go today. You have got nothing to lose! 

I'm so confident you'll be happy with the quality of your PLR content from, that I offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction on all our packages.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I listed some of the most common questions I get asked about my products below.

But if there’s anything else I can help you with, please get in touch via my contact page.

Until next time, keep well!

Andrew Signature (1)

Business Owner, Ex-Nutritionist, Digital Marketer, Dog Lover!


What does my PLR license let me do?

Your PLR license lets you publish the content anywhere you want without crediting the original author. You can also edit, re-write, re-brand or otherwise change the material in any way you wish, within the terms of the license. You get to keep any profits associated with marketing or selling the PLR content.

We also make it easy for you by having the same PLR License Agreement for all our products – it doesn’t change.

IMPORTANT! The only thing you CANNOT do with the PLR license is SELL the PLR rights!

How do you use PLR?

PLR products can be edited and posted on your blog, website or social media - or wherever you want!  They are also very easy to repurpose into other formats. For instance, several PLR articles can be turned into a downloadable PDF eBook, which you can use to entice your website visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Adding your own expertise, knowledge and examples to your PLR content not only adds more value for your customers, but it also helps you to build your creditability.

PLR products are a versatile way for those who want to save time. They are also great if you don’t have the budget to hire a content marketer or purchase professional writing services.

How can I make money from this content?

There are several excellent ways to make money from this PLR product, including using it to build your email list, generate new leads and traffic by sharing it on social media. You can repurpose the products you buy from PLR Content Studio into your own information products, such as eBooks, reports, courses, webinars or add them to a membership site – and, of course, sell them and keep the profit!

Do your products come with instructions?

All our PLR products come with a free editing and customization guide. We also provide lots of ideas on how to repurpose your content to make it unique and stand out. And you can always contact me via my contact page - I'm always happy to help!

HOT TIP: For Success Using Your PLR – Customize, Customize, Customize!

This entire PLR course and lead generation content package is available to download now for a small investment of

$244 (Save $50)