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Mindful Eating – List Building


Mindful Eating 36-Piece List Building Content Package

Mindful Eating 36-Piece List Building Content Package

Grow your list by teaching your audience how ‘Mindful Eating' can restore a healthy relationship with food

Just Download Our Done-For-You List Building Content Kit and Go!

Finally Rid Yourself of the Hassle of Creating Content from Scratch!

The most valuable asset every successful health business has is a targeted email list. It's the most direct way to communicate with your prospects and convert them into paying clients – but you need to create lots of content before you can start building your list and nurturing those relationships.

You don't have to start from scratch with our ‘Mindful Eating 36-Piece List Building Content Package'

​Quickly put together your own list building campaign for your Health Business … even if you've never set up a lead generation campaign or done content marketing before.

Simply download, brand and publish on your digital marketing channels to attract prospective clients.

With this content kit, you get:

  • 10 Engaging Blog Articles totalling 7,058 words
  • 23-Page eBook with 12 Cover Graphics, 6 Different Designs
  • 12-Page List Building Report also with 12 Covers in 6 Designs
  • …and much more!

All with Private Label Rights, meaning you can edit, rebrand and publish as your own!

Email list building takes a lot of content:

list building flow


At every step in the list building ladder, you need high quality content that will attract attention, generate interest and inspire action:

  • Eye-catching social media posts
  • Interesting and engaging blog posts
  • Enticing giveaway lead magnets
  • Follow up emails
  • More killer content to build your relationship

How do you create all this content quickly and easily so you can grow your list and your business?

The answer: use our Done-For-You content

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this to your business in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Engage your audience with these 10 interesting and relevant Mindful Eating blog articles


Use these 10 done-for-you blog posts to attract attention to your website, add an opt-in and encourage your readers to sign up a get your valuable guide – all included in this pack!

  1. Mindful Eating Basics (907 words)
  2. Applying the Principles of Nutrition to Mindful Eating (869 words)
  3. Knowing the Difference between Emotional Hunger and Real Hunger (753 words)
  4. Mindfully Eating For Fitness (809 words)
  5. The Top 5 Benefits of Mindful Eating (606 words)
  6. Top Tips to Eating Mindfully at a Social Gatherings (835 words)
  7. Does Juicing for Weight Loss Really Work? (663 words)
  8. Does The Fasting Diet Really Work? (507 words)
  9. Is There Such A Thing As Chocolate Addiction (608 words)
  10. Unhealthy Eating Habits (501 words)

Step 2: Get your readers to opt-in to your email list by offering this special report

In order to get people to share their contact information with you and join your email list, you need to entice them with a lead magnet.

Mindful Eating Mistakes 3D Cover6

Offer this special report to your audience on how Mindful Eating can restore the healthy relationship with food they were meant to have.

This special report covers:

  • What Is Mindful Eating?
  • Why are you eating?
  • Are you really hungry or just using food as a form of therapy?
  • Mistake #1 – Using Mindful Eating to Justify Bad Choices
  • Mistake #2 – Not Giving Enough Time to The Process
  • Mistake #3 – Going Overboard
  • Mistake #4 – Not at a caloric deficit
  • Mistake #5 – Not Satisfying Your Emotional Needs
  • Mistake #6 – Not Exercising Mindfully
  • Mistake #7 – Not Keeping a Journal
  • Mindful Eating Success


When your clients apply Mindful Eating to their relationship with food they will be surprised to find that eating becomes a joyful and pleasant experience, not the anxiety inducing activity plagued by nutritional guilt, laborious calorie-counting, and even more serious problems like eating disorders.



Choose one of these cover designs to customize your report in minutes:

Included: 12 Report Cover Graphics – 6 Different Designs in both 2D and 3D


Step 3: Nurture your your list by offering this premium content:

Mindful Eating eBook

Simply choose one of the 6 different designs of eCover for your report, create your download page and then tell your list subscribers!




23-pages, 5257 words, editable and customizable eBook with 6 different eCover designs to choose from.



Included in this report:

  • The Limitations of Dieting
  • What Is Mindful Eating?
  • 6 Big Benefits of Mindful Eating
  • Mindless Eating
  • Portion Distortion
  • Eating to Distraction
  • Mindless Grocery Shopping
  • Understanding Hunger
  • Learning to Eat Mindfully
  • The 7 Principles of Mindful Eating
  • A Mindful Life
  • ..and lots more!


$49.99Add to cart


How will “Mindful Eating” help grow my business?

There are many reasons why dieting for the purpose of weight loss does not work for the majority of people. Firstly, diets often rely on a person’s will-power to implement an inflexible approach to eating. Often such approaches ignore the internal hunger and satiety cues, which guide people in eating for well-being.

Most diets will result in weight loss in the short term, and this leads many people to believe that, in fact, the diet rules do work. However, as recognized by the National Institute of Health, weight loss diets do not work for the vast majority, as most people regain all weight lost within five years.

Mindful eating offers a way to help people move away from dieting by learning how to listen to and respond intelligently to their internal cues. Mindful eating was developed as an extension of the practice of mindfulness.

Scientifically proven to help people maintain weight loss if followed correctly.

This is a fantastic opportunity to add this content to your business and become a real expert in the field, stand out from your competitors and win the hearts and minds of many more paying clients.

That's Why We Created the “Mindful Eating 36-Piece List Building Content Package”

Mindful-eating-plr-resource-pack-shot (1)



Everything is editable and rebrandable so you can customize your content in minutes…

$49.99Add to cart


AND you can make money from this PLR Content in other ways:

  • Turn it into a paid-for course or program
  • Add it to your existing paid products and services
  • Create new products and services you can sell
  • Sell them as they are with your branding
  • Repurpose into webinars or podcasts or any format you want
  • Add to your other PLR products in this series and sell at a higher price

Mindful Eating 36-Piece List Building Content Package:

  • 10 Brand New, High-Quality Blog Articles – 7,058 words
  • 7 Mindful Eating Mistakes – List Building Report, 12-pages, 2,533 words
  • PLUS 12 Report Cover Graphics, 6 different designs in 2D and 3D
  • Mindful Eating eBook: Professionally-written 23-pages, 5,257 words
  • 12 eBook Cover Graphics, 6 different designs in 2D and 3D


$49.99Add to cart

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