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Food & Fitness – Summer Special Content Pack


Bumper Food & Fitness – Summer Special PLR Content Package

Food & Fitness – Summer Special PLR Content Package

  • 12 Blog Articles
  • 12 Done-For-You Social Media Image Posts
  • 7-Day Email Series


Can't think what to write about this summer? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

We've put together this Food and Fitness Summer Special containing professionally written, done-for-you articles, social media image posts, and a 7-part email series you can use to keep your audience engaged with fresh content — without the hassle of trying to do it all yourself!

When you buy one of our PLR content packages you're getting the licence to edit, rewrite and brand the content in any way you like. It's super easy to customize all content by adding your own stories, case studies and examples — you can even package the blog articles up into an e-Book, email series, mini-course or anything you like!

You can use the PLR content in this package to educate your audience, help them understand why taking action is important and lead them to contact you for more information about your services or products.

It really doesn't matter how you use this content, you will be saving hundreds of dollars on writers by having our writers do all the work for you.


Article topics in this PLR bundle include:


9 Summer Entertainment Trends (597 words)
Preserving Summer Fruits (444 words)
Healthier Ice Cream (480 words)
5 Healthier Summer Lunch Ideas (588 words)
11 Foods Predicted to Be “In” This Summer (586 words)
8 Trendy Weight-Loss Diets (792 words)
Summer Barbecue Ideas for Everyone (949 words)
7 Ways Weather Affects Our Food Choices (546 words)
9 Common Healthy Eating Trends (516 words)
6 Ideas for a Fun, Safe and Delicious Picnic (509 words)
7 Décor Ideas for Al Fresco Dining (521 words)
Sustainable & Socially Responsible Eating (642 words)


Here’s what you can do with PLR blog posts or articles

  1. As soon as you’ve downloaded them and load them up into draft mode in your blog.
  2. When you need to publish a blog post, choose one of your drafts that you will use as your starting point.
  3. Create a new title for the article. (Use a keyword tool for ideas or come up with something fun on your own.)
  4. Inject a little bit of your own personality into the post. Add some examples, a personal story or a client case-study. Edit with your audience in mind.
  5. Add an image, photo or graphic with some text overlaid. Grab some done-for-you graphics or use a tool such as Canva or PicMonkey.
  6. Next add your ‘call-to-action’ at the bottom of the post. Every article should have a goal i.e. what do you want your reader to next?
  7. Publish your customized article.
  8. Promote your blog article via social media, send your list an email notification, share with your network, etc. My fav tool for this is missinglettr.
  9. Repeat these steps with another blog article in a few days time.

PLUS 12 Social Media Images to promote your articles:

Summer Quotes PLR Product Image Sml

Fit For Summer 7-Day Email Series (3,305 words)

Stop worrying about finding the time because we've crafted these 10 follow-up emails, so that you can do just that and nurture them into paying clients – quickly!

Just load them into your email system, add your links and hit the schedule button!

Load these follow-up emails into your autoresponder to nurture your leads:

Shift Your “Spare Tire” This Summer
5 Tips to Make Lifestyle Changes Stick
Keeping Your Whole Family Fit This Summer
Stay Motivated This Summer
Summer Superfoods!
How to Create a Realistic Health Plan You Will Stick With
Top Tips on Effective Meal Planning

Exceptional Value For Money!


Here are some other ideas on how you can use this content:

  • Use 4 or 5 articles to create your own report or eBook
  • Break up eBooks or Reports into articles
  • Use tweets and social posts to promote your website: link to your blog articles or other pages on your website
  • Expand the content of a piece of content to create a longer report, eBook or course. You can reorganize it, adding more chapters of your own or from other PLR content, add images and screenshots.
  • Use tweets and social posts on your social media or as the basis for more blog articles, tip sheets, tips of the day, or anywhere you need short nuggets of information.
  • Use the content to create your own tweets and social posts.
  • Use the key points from the articles or reports to create a PowerPoint presentation. Then use the articles and other content as the basis for your presentation script. Present the material in webinars.
  • Use the content to create an offline workshop or classroom-based training course.
  • Use the content to create an offline newsletter or flyer to distribute to locally, for lead generation.
  • Use the content in your autoresponder or as individual pdfs, either attached to emails or posted in a protected membership area. Include recommended resources or products within each part of the email series.

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