The content sold on PLR Content Studio can be used almost anywhere you publish content, and edited almost any way you want.

However, to protect their exclusivity for the sake of all buyers, there are a few rules you must follow.

What you CAN do with PLR Content Studio PLR Content:

[YES] Add the articles or content to an eBook or product that you plan to sell or give away for individual use.

[YES] Modify the content (by removing, adding or otherwise editing text) to suit your needs.

[YES] Use the content in your blogs, websites; paid membership sites, emails, newsletters, course or anywhere else you publish content.

[YES] Add your affiliate links, product links, AdSense and other ad code.

[YES] Use the content as lead magnet giveaways for building your email list.

[YES] Add your name as the author of this PLR content or add your branding on the content (we suggest making a few edits first or adding ‘Brought to You By' or ‘Provided By')

[YES] Use the content as the script or visuals for a podcast, video, Hangout, workshop, presentation, or webinar.

[YES] Teach the content to as many people as you want (as a paid product, bonus, or lead generator]

[YES] Sell the special reports “as is” or edit to your liking and then sell.

[YES] Rewrite the content for submission to article directories.

[YES] Put your own name, logo, and/or website on the infographics, graphics, images.

[YES] Publish blog posts, articles, tweets, reports, infographics, promo videos, and quote images freely on the web.

Here is what you CANNOT do with PLR Content Studio PLR Content:

[NO] You CANNOT sell, give away, or pass on the PLR, resell, or master resell rights to the content. I.E. You cannot redistribute these as PLR content.

[NO] You CANNOT sell, give away, or pass on the editable files or zip files to anyone

[NO] You CANNOT use my name or the name PLR Content Studio in or on the content

[NO] You CANNOT add the content to White Label, PLR, Resell Rights, or Master Resell Rights membership sites or stores

[NO] You CANNOT add the content to article directories without substantial rewriting

[NO] You CANNOT share the content with other individuals or businesses. This is a single-person license. If others are interested in editing and sharing it, you can refer them to our site via your own affiliate link and earn commissions.

No Warranties Provided

We are unable to provide any warranty on the accuracy of the PLR content provided. Nor does any of the content provide any type of professional advice. Although we take every effort to ensure all our PLR content as accurate as possible, topics are subject to change over time and it is each individual's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information.

By purchasing and/or downloading our PLR Content you are agreeing to the terms laid out in this licensing agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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