7 Quick Ways to Make Passive Income with PLR Content

By Andrew Wilson

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Discover 7 quick ways you can make real passive income with PLR content

Passive income is a great way to have more flexibility and control in your life. Whether you're looking for ways to streamline your business or just want to make some extra money on the side, passive income can be a great way to achieve your goals.

The simplest way to create passive income is through an online business. There are many different types of online ventures that you can start, and all of them offer opportunities for passive income generation. You can also create passive income through side hustles and other activities that you enjoy.

Today, I want to share how you can make a decent, passive income from PLR content. PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights.’ In other words, ‘white label’ content that you can brand and publish as your own.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty on how you can do it, I’d like to share a little about my story so you have some context for who I am and why you should even listen to me.

I'm often asked, “How can I make money with PLR?”

I've been making passive income from PLR for several years. First, by buying PLR content from reputable suppliers and turning it into paid information products – and doing very well with that. And more recently, by creating and selling my own PLR content on this website. At the beginning of 2022, I could finally quit my day job and work full-time on PLR Content Studio.

Want proof? I don't blame you. When I first learned about the considerable potential of PLR content, I was skeptical.


Anyway, here's a screenshot from my WooCommerce store, so you know I speak from real-life experience about generating passive income streams from PLR content.

Just how realistic is it to make money from developing information products?

When creating passive income streams, most people have a hard time developing their own products or offering their own services.

There's the risk of failure, the cost of entering a new market, and the need to learn a whole new skill set.

I got to this point several years ago, and I would have remained stuck – but luckily, I discovered PLR Content.

If you've been frustrated by this, passive income from PLR content could be the answer.

There are numerous ways to make passive income online, but there's nothing quite like doing it with PLR content!

PLR content, or private label rights content, is information created by professionals who sell a non-exclusive license that grants the buyer the rights to publish that content without infringing copyright.

Think of it like this: Instead of hiring a ghost-writer to write your eBook exclusively for you (which is expensive), you buy a non-exclusive license for a done-for-you PLR eBook that's almost ready to go.

I say ‘almost’ because the key to success with PLR content is to customize the PLR content. You need to stamp your mark on the PLR content so it’s unique and tailored for your audience or niche. For example, change the eBook cover and title or add some customer case studies from your business.

The great thing about PLR content is that you have the right to use this content in any way you like — which means you can earn passive income from it.

Here are my top 7 quick ways to earn passive income from PLR content.

1. Create eBooks from PLR Content and Sell Them

The most popular way to build a passive income stream is to create and publish an eBook.

An eBook is an “electronic book” that's essentially a PDF file. It's an information product, meaning that the value isn't the file itself (which costs nothing to produce) but the usefulness of the information in it.

The best information products focus on solving problems. An eBook takes one pressing issue that the audience faces and offers a way to solve it, using the knowledge and expertise of the writer.

Why is eBook publishing such a popular option?

There's a massive market for eBooks. People are buying more digital information products than ever before. There is a wide variety of platforms for publishing and distributing eBooks, which means a wide variety of opportunities to sell.

For example, selling 100 copies of your $7 eBook per month equals $8,400 per year of passive income.

Another reason is that it's so easy and costs next to nothing to produce an eBook. You just need to organize and write it, and it's ready to be published. There are no overhead costs unless you hire a writer.

However, if you use PLR content to create your eBook, you won’t have to hire a writer, and it will be much quicker and less stressful than writing it yourself.

For example, you can quickly turn 10 or 15 PLR articles into an eBook. Here’s a PLR content product that explains how to do this.

You can also buy high-quality done-for-you PLR eBooks from reputable PLR suppliers. These are practically ready to be published. You just need to customize it for your audience and niche by changing the cover and title, for instance. Using PLR content to create eBooks to build passive income quickly is inexpensive.

2. Sell Online Courses

Online courses are an effective way of creating a reliable passive income stream for your business.

Create something simple at first, for example, a 30-minute course with a series of videos, and sell it for $27 to $97. Stick to producing evergreen content only, so you don’t have the extra work of regularly updating it.

One drawback of online courses is that they can take a lot of up-front work to research and create. And that’s where most entrepreneurs get stuck trying to make passive income from online courses.

However, creating your training course doesn’t need to be that difficult. There is a lot of PLR content available that you could use for your course. Also, think about the content you already have and how you can piece it together to create a cohesive online training. This way, you can create an online course relatively quickly.

Presenting your course on a platform such as Teachable, Thinkific, or Udemy is efficient in terms of effort and money. They do the hosting and payment processing for you and offer affiliate programs so others can promote your course for you.

You can upsell or cross-sell from within your course and include relevant affiliate links, increasing your passive income potential.

3. Start a Money-Making Membership Site and Fill it with PLR Content

Membership sites with access to exclusive content can bring in reliable recurring income. Members pay regular fees to access training, participate in forums, receive coaching, and enjoy exclusive content. You automate access to your content, products, or services for a monthly fee until your customer cancels.

A popular form of membership content is mini evergreen online courses, delivered on autopilot and paid for in weekly installments.

Many businesses are selling excellent PLR content covering a wide range of topics you can buy and quickly add to a membership site. A simple online search will bring up relevant topics in your niche. Using PLR content for your membership can save you a tremendous amount of work.

4. Infuse Your Email Autoresponder with Done-For-You Content

It is easy to forget to review your autoresponder messages, but if you don’t make time to do it, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities. Reviewing your results can help you identify potential trends and effectively target your marketing efforts.

And you’re missing out if you don’t have a well-oiled email series!

When someone subscribes to your email list, they're interested in receiving emails with specific information. Your autoresponder sequence should focus on providing that value, naturally leading them from one offer to the next.

For example, let’s say you offer a quick start guide to Instagram Marketing as an opt-in gift. In your follow-up email series, you can add more value and build your passive income with the following:

  • Sharing resources for graphics—both free and paid
  • Reviewing some Instagram training you took
  • Sharing social media tips and a link to a great book about the subject
  • Providing case studies about your success with Instagram and an offer for a course
  • Sharing your opinion on a tool or resource

All this content is a natural follow-up to the guide your readers initially opted to receive, so it’s welcome information for them. It’s also an ideal opportunity to earn passive income by promoting your products and adding affiliate links.

If you don’t have an opt-in incentive on your website, you can easily create one using PLR content. Short, easily digestible content makes a more compelling offer. Consider:

  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Short reports
  • Video or audio recordings

If you’re lacking ideas or content, check out done-for-you PLR content as a starting point. For example, pick up a PLR coaching content package, offer the checklists as an opt-in incentive, and then package the training as your paid offer within your autoresponder series. Then all you just need to do is get traffic to your free offer. What could be easier? (Or more passive!)

5. Use PLR Articles to Beef Up Your Blog

If you’re blogging (and you should be), then your blog is a fantastic source of passive income.

However, content is the cornerstone of your online business. If you're not putting out content in a consistent way, then you cannot expect to reach your ideal audience, and you cannot expect to earn passive income.

A million fabulous ideas but no consistent plan will set you up for failure. You need more than a plan for when you'll post and market; you also need a plan to determine when you can fit in this time to create the content. Planning a schedule and a plan to work in time to create content is imperative. If you are struggling with the time needed to create content, you may want to consider using PLR articles to consistently publish engaging content.

What's most important is that the content gets published. It doesn't matter if it is from you or someone else. Either way, creating a consistency plan and filling in timeframes where you can either create the content yourself, source PLR articles, or task it out to your team members is going to be the defining point for the success of your blog.

Ideas are fantastic, but unless you organize them, they often get put on the back burner, and sometimes they don't even come to fruition. But if you plan for consistency and factor in the time needed to complete and achieve your goals, your ideas turn into actions, and your efforts will turn into results.

The more valuable content you put out to your ideal client, the more you position yourself as a leader in your field. You'll achieve more sales, buyers for your information products, and more paying clients for your other services.

6. Use PLR Content to Cash in On Content Upgrades

Building your email list is a critical step to creating passive income streams. Content upgrades ensure your subscribers are the people who will be most likely to become repeat customers.

What is a Content Upgrade?

A ‘content upgrade’ is a kind of lead magnet that is hyper-targeted, created for a specific blog post or web page.

A content upgrade is:

  • Aimed at people most interested in the content on a specific page or blog article
  • Created specifically for a particular blog post or web page
  • Shorter content that’s easy to consume – E.g., a checklist, report, white paper, template, or infographic
  • Free (a lead magnet) or requires a small payment (a tripwire offer)

PLR content is an excellent resource to turn into content upgrades quickly.

Often you can buy quality PLR content that consists of high-quality PLR articles that you can post on your blog. You can buy related PLR reports or PLR eBooks that would make excellent content upgrades with minimal editing.

For example, when you buy PLR content packages from PLR Content Studio, they contain everything you need from articles, reports, and follow-up emails, making the entire content upgrade creation process incredibly easy.

The beauty of using PLR Content to make content upgrades is that once you have set them up, they will work in the background to generate leads and passive income for you on autopilot.

7. Use PLR to Become a Super Affiliate!

Passive income isn’t just a single income stream or one tactic. It consists of several types of revenue flowing into your business. One of the most popular sources of passive income is affiliate sales.

Promoting affiliate products and services allows you to:

  • Make money without writing books, creating courses, or doing the hard work needed with product development.
  • Earn cash for sharing valuable information and resources with your audience.
  • Earn recurring revenue due to ongoing referral tracking and affiliate cookies.

For example, if you recommend a product such as a PLR Content Studio planner to a client, you get paid when they buy.

But even better, because of ongoing referral tracking, the next time they make a purchase—even if you haven’t made another promotion—you’ll also get paid for that!

This is the power of affiliate marketing, and it’s why it should be a massive part of your passive income plan.

Now, you can’t just sign up for a program and start throwing links about the place! (Well, you could do it this way, but you won’t have a lot of success – trust me, I know!)

A better approach is to put some thought and planning behind your affiliate promotions so that you can provide your audience with relevant content they want and grow your passive income.

Blogging and article marketing are ideal ways to promote affiliate products.

Product reviews and ‘how to’ articles offer an ideal way to add more content to your blog and earn a nice affiliate commission—even if you hate a product!

The easiest way to promote affiliate products is by inserting your affiliate links into relevant PLR articles or other white-label content and then publishing and promoting them.

What’s the next step to creating passive income from PLR Content?

There's a time when freelancers and entrepreneurs take the next step in their business development and set up passive income streams. Many businesses put this off for various reasons and kick themselves later. If you're ready to build a passive income, here are some things you should consider.

Planning Is the Key to Success

It might sound easy to set up a passive income stream. But the truth is that it takes a lot of planning and setup to get going. You must first understand your audience: you must know what they want and what they will be willing to buy. You then must match that with your expertise and capabilities so that you can deliver what they want.

Next, you must carefully consider the different ideas for adding a passive income stream to your sales funnel or website and how they might meet the needs of potential buyers.

Now, it just so happens that we have a couple of content packages that you find helpful:

  passive-income-plr-content    passive-income-plr-Planner

Creating Content

No matter what strategy you choose, content creation is required. You'll need to blog and write reviews if you want to earn extra income through affiliate marketing. You must create the products first if you're selling information products. If you're planning to build passive income streams, have a content creation strategy in place. However, leveraging quality PLR content will make it easier for you.

Maintenance is Required

Lastly, there will be some upkeep along the way. You can’t just set it and forget it. The myths of passive income have you sipping Pina Coladas in the sun while the cash rolls in. The truth is that most passive income strategies involve at least some routine maintenance.

Setting up a passive income is the next step for your business, but ensure you understand that it takes some initial work.

You may think: “This is all well and good, but I could never create passive income like that!”

But don’t give up.

You can take a shortcut to success by making use of PLR content. It won’t eliminate all the work, but it will make the process easier and faster. So, to make passive income online, you should start by creating great information products from PLR content.

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