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    Exclusive FREE Guides: ​Boost Your Business With Private Label Rights Content. Discover The Full Power Of Using PLR in Your Business.
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    How To Make Your Content Marketing Rock! 7 Steps to Creating & Promoting Content Effectively
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    How To Use and Customize Your PLR Content: Get the most out of done-for-you content...

Hi, I'm Andrew. Welcome to the PLR Content Studio - whether you’re looking for PLR articles, blog posts, email series, social media posts or special reports, we’ve got everything you need!.

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Boost Your Business With Private Label Rights Content. Discover The Full Power Of Using PLR in Your Business.

How To Make Your Content Marketing Rock! 

7 Steps to Creating & Promoting Content Effectively

Bumper PLR Package: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

7-page Report, 5 Articles, 2 Cover Images. For You To Edit, Brand & Use in Your Business Right Now!
4 PLR Article Packs - Totalling 35 Articles

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4 Top Benefits of Using Private Label Rights Content

When you use Private Label Rights (also known as ‘PLR’) content in your business, you tap into a powerful resource, which offers many advantages for the savvy author and marketer. Private label rights give you a license that enables you to edit, rewrite, rebrand and publish the content as your own.


Private Label Rights Content saves you time, money and a lot of effort by having done-for-you content ready for you to use straight away or with minimal editing. Here are just some things you can do with PLR Content:

* Package articles into an e-Book or even an e-course and sell it.
* Edit the articles and name yourself as the author.
* Create a PDF and use it as an opt-in gift to build your email list.
* Use PLR articles for blog posts, social media posts or website content.
* Create guest posts on other people’s blogs to draw visitors back to yours
* Load PLR articles as a series of emails into your autoresponder

By leveraging on PLR, you can create your own products, market your products and draw visitors to your website in much less time and with ease.

  • Save time If you plan to come up with creative ideas, doing research, writing, and designing your product on your own, it can take months and months. But with Private Label Rights Content, you can achieve disproportionate results in a short amount of time. For example, it can take just a few hours to get a PLR e-book out into the marketplace and bring in profits for you.
  • Save money  If you were to hire a standard ghostwriter to write an e-book for you (after you’ve spent hours brainstorming topics), it could cost you an average of $500-$1000 per e-book. If you want to write the content yourself, you can easily waste a lot of time that could be used more efficiently by promoting your services and products instead. PLR content is ready-made for you at affordable prices, and you get to save up to 90% of production costs.
  • Reduces effort The smarter marketer doesn’t work hard and knows that by having fresh, done-for-you PLR content, you don’t need to spend hours researching and wracking your brains to come up with content ideas as all the research and content development have been done for you.
    A team of researchers, writers and designers have created quality PLR content, so you can focus on what you do best, marketing the products. So, sit back, relax and let the potential of PLR content do its work for you!
  • Tap into lucrative niches PLR content gives you the ability to break into and dominate well researched, obscure niches which have the potential to bring in massive profits for your business. In other words, you no longer have to struggle to try to find out what works and what content will attract the right audience.

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