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Controlling what and how much you eat is arguably the BIGGEST problem someone faces when trying to lose weight - and keeping it off for good. This is one of the most sought-after topics on the Internet...Don't Miss Out!

According to WebMD and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services...
  • Unhealthy eating habits stand in the way of long-term weight loss success
  • Children who develop unhealthy eating habits as adolescents are likely to carry those potentially dangerous weight control practices into adulthood
  • 71% of Consumers in the USA believe they could be eating more healthily
  • Typical American diets exceed the recommended intake levels or limits in four categories: calories from solid fats and added sugars; refined grains; sodium; and saturated fat.
  • Americans eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, dairy products, and oils.

There is a HUGE NEED to change to the way we eat...And there is a HUGE DEMAND for services and support from people like you willing to provide them

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All content is Professionally written by an Ex-Nutritionist and Weight-Loss Coach with over 10-years experience working in the UK's National Health Service.

What You Get In This 125-Pieces of READY-TO-PUBLISH PLR Content Package:

Change Your Eating, Change Your Life

A Guide for Changing Eating Habits, Releasing Weight and Living a Healthier Life

Professionally Written eBook Editable MS Word Document Format
10,060 words, 36 Pages


Eating Habits & Weight
What Causes Bad Eating Habits?
Creating Your Plan for Change
Getting Motivated to Change
Setting Goals for Changing Eating Habits
Monitoring & Reviewing Your Progress
Reflecting on Your Plan for Change
Take Time to Recognize & Reward Your Progress
Take a Different Approach if Things Aren’t Working
Overcoming Road Blocks to Changing Your Eating
Why Most People Quit on Their Weight Loss Journey
You Didn’t Come This Far to Quit Halfway

…and much, much more!

03-PLR Ebook Samples Pages

Weight Loss for Life: Overcoming Subconscious Overeating

List Building Report: Overcoming the psychological and physiological influences that drive overeating & weight gain

Professionally Written List Building Report - Editable MS Word Document Format
4,490 words
20 Pages


Why Is My Diet Not Working?
Body & Brain Sabotage
The First ‘P’ of Overeating - Physical Influences
Hunger Control
Cortisol Cave-Ins!
I Eat Because I’m Stressed!
Soothing Oxytocin
The Second ‘P’ Of Overeating - Psychological Influences
The Toxic Food Environment
Trigger Foods
Awareness is Key
Supermarket Survival
Social Eating Survival
Eating is Emotional!
Weight Loss Success Doesn’t Start with the Bathroom Scales

..and Much More!

07-Subconscious eating PLR Report Sample

20 High Quality Blog Articles

  1. Why Diets Are Not Designed for Your Success (479 words)
  2. Don’t Even Try to Lose Weight… Until You Get This (416 words)
  3. Is Weight Loss Really a Matter of Personal Choice? (565 words)
  4. Why Your Bathroom Scales Are Not Your Best Friend (527 words)
  5. Regaining Lost Motivation (516 words)
  6. Getting Too Caught Up in The Numbers (443 words)
  7. Treat Yourself Now and Pay the Price Later (420 words)
  8. Why Are You Eating That? (734 words)
  9. A Beach Body in 2 Weeks…Really? (444 words)
  10. Eat as Much as You Like… (473 words)
  11. 5 Top Tips on How to Banish Cravings (505 words)
  12. 3 Ways to Make Smarter Food Choices (512 words)
  13. Love Yourself First, And the Weight Loss Will Follow (525 words)
  14. 7 Snacks That Will Satisfy Hunger, Won't Ruin Weight Loss (517 words)
  15. Why Diets Really Don’t Work and a Simple Plan that Does (545 words)
  16. 2 Really Effective Ways to Keep on Track with Your Weight (584 words)
  17. Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Scales If You Want Weight Loss Success (577)
  18. 4 Reasons Why You Must Track Your Weight Loss Journey (598 words)
  19. Food Journaling – The Key to Changing Eating Habits (625)
  20. What to Do When Your Best Efforts Yield No Results (654 words)

30 Social Media Viral Images

We’ve crafted 30 Social Media Friendly Graphics to use on there own or to compliment the written content and make your posts and tweets even more shareable.

All graphics are perfectly sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they can be easily edited so you can add your own logo or company details.

30 Social Media Updates / Tweets

We’ve created a short summary of each blog article in under 140 characters, so you’ll have lots of room to add your links – making it really easy for you to share your content on social media. And we've created 10 more additional tweets to add to this pack.  Plus we've added some #hot #hashtags to attract even more attention.

Free up your time and save yourself the frustration of having to figure out what to post on social media.

3 Attractive Infographics

These attractively designed infographics are visual representations of information and data contained within the written material. They help break down information and data that would otherwise have been difficult to digest. Infographics are great tools for marketing because most people tend to remember what they saw more than what they read.

10-day Autoresponder Email Series

Email remains one of the best ways to engage your audience and potential customers. But who has time to keep up with updating all those email sequences? Stop worrying about finding the time because we've put together a 10-day autoresponder series (2,418 words in total). You can easily edit them to promote any of the content in this pack or anything else you want to promote, send them over 10 days or how often as you like. Just load them into your email system, add your links and hit the schedule button!


  1. Don’t worry, I’ll show you the answer tomorrow
  2. This is the answer – hurry and read it
  3. Don’t lose your life while trying to lose weight
  4. Here’s your ticket to a new world – download your gift
  5. If you are not succeeding, it’s not your fault – see why
  6. Yes! You do have a super power!
  7. How to harness your superpower!
  8. This FREE eBook will change your life
  9. What’s eating you up?
  10. You deserve all the good things of life – get it

Random Samples of Writing

" Traditionally, dietary approaches to weight management have focused largely on educational and prescriptive approaches to promoting better ‘choices’. Both health professionals and people who are overweight often put being overweight down to poor ‘personal choices’ or ‘lack of willpower’.

And even among dieticians - ‘lack of willpower’ is ranked as far more important than genetic or other biological factors.

These approaches have limited success on changing long-term lifestyle habits and not only is this contrary to our understanding of the complexity of human eating behaviour but also only serves to stigmatise and frustrate people, who in turn blame their ‘failures’ on personal ‘failings’. "

" The control of eating in our bodies is very complex, after all it is required for our very existence.  I don’t really need to tell you that human beings have evolved a highly complex system that ensures hunger is satisfied and that there are many ways that our bodies tell our brains when to eat and when to stop.

The physical signals that control our appetites include hormones and other chemical signals within the body and these are affected by how much food is in the stomach or the digestive system.  (As we will see later, our minds play a role in overriding the physical side of this control).   These signals can be influenced not just by how much we eat, but the types of foods we eat. "

" A habit is a frequent behavior of which you have little conscious awareness, they are ‘automatic’ and usually triggered by something in your surroundings.

The more you do something the more likely it is to become a habit. This applies to eating as much as anything else. Certain eating habits are associated with weight gain:

- Fast eating is associated with higher body weight.

- Eating very late at night is associated with being overweight.

- People who watch television tend to snack more whilst watching and tend to have higher calorie snacks.

Some eating habits are better for you, such as eating fruit and vegetables regularly, than others. Someone may know what ‘healthy habits’ they should be doing but don’t, and sometimes they may not even be aware of the habits they have. "

" Oxytocin is released in the brain where it influences some of our behaviors, and in particular eating.  For example, oxytocin is released when food enters the digestive system, and then it stops us eating by causing us to lose interest in food. "

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You Also Get These Bonuses!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

How to Develop a Growth Mindset for Success in All Areas of Life

Contains a 7-page Report, 5 Blog Articles and 2 Cover Images

  • How to change your mind in order to change your life
  • Are you willing to be open to something new?
  • A Challenge is a Form of Growth and not an Excuse to Quit
  • Do You Use Procrastination as a Way to Avoid Perfectionism?
  • Do You View a Challenge as Fearful?
  • Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset
  • The Ability to Face Setbacks
  • ...and much, much more!

Bonus Business Building Resources

  1. Keyword Research – 1,573 Google search keywords related to Eating Habits, Comfort Eating and Emotional Eating
  2. Authority Reference Site List - List of High-Quality Websites in this Niche, you can link to and reference in your material

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Get Your 125-Piece 'Eating Habits' PLR Resources Today...

ONLY $47.00 - Buy Now

How You Can Use This Content

Here's a recap of what you'll get with this package

  • Change Your Eating, Change Your Life eBook - 10,060 words, 36 Pages
  • 12 eBook Cover Graphics – 6 Different Designs in 3D and 2D
  • Overcoming Subconscious Overeating List Building Report - 4,490 words, 20-Pages
  • 8 Report Cover Graphics – 4 Designs in 2D and 3D
  • 20 High Quality Blog Articles
  • 30 Social Media Updates / Tweets
  • 10-day Autoresponder Series (2,418 words)
  • 30 Social Media Viral Image Posts
  • 3 Attractively-Designed Infographics (in PNG & JPG)
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life 7-Page Report
  • 2 Change Your Mind Report eCover Images
  • 5 Change Your Mind Blog Articles
  • Keyword Research – 1,573 Search Keywords Related to Eating Habits
  • Authority Reference Site List
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