How to Create Hot Selling Information Products in 4 Easy Steps

By Andrew Wilson

Try This Winning Strategy to Establish Your Info Product Business Quickly

If you are building an information product business, the key to success is continuously producing and publishing quality information products.

To increase the chances of being seen by potential customers and to establish yourself as an expert in your field, a good strategy is to flood the market with your info products that solve your target audience's problems.

If you can publish many info products that meet the needs of your niche audience, you will have more opportunities to be seen and to get your name widely known. And your potential customers will have more options to buy from you.

You might think, “That sounds wonderful, but I just don't have the time to churn out high-quality information products.”

Sound about right?

The challenge for all info product business owners is two-fold. First, you need high quality; second, you need high quantity.


Here are four steps for creating hot-selling information products rapidly and in large numbers without compromising quality.

Step 1: Streamline Your Product Creation Process

A streamlined process for creating information products can save you time and energy. By following a system, you can efficiently collate your ideas, write your content and marketing materials, and quickly publish your new product so that it's ready for your audience to purchase.

This needs a little planning and creativity first. You must know who you are writing for, so you will need to develop an ideal customer profile. This part of the process requires research.

You need to find and organize the tools and resources to be at your fingertips when you need them. Create or source checklists, templates, outlines, and done-for-you content to make the content creation process smooth and easy.

Once you have gathered and organized your resources, you'll want to document your processes and systems. This doesn't have to take long, just a quick outline will suffice, and you can tweak your procedures and techniques as you go and uncover parts you can improve and streamline.

Step 2: Create a Pipeline of Info-Product Ideas

Generating new ideas for info products can be a challenge for business owners. To accelerate the process, develop a ‘product ideas pipeline' – this is a long list of ideas you collect over time. One of the best places to make your list of ideas is your mobile phone – they are several apps available to do this.

Start by becoming an avid collector of ideas and compile multiple lists. Review the feedback from your audience, the latest news in your niche, and current trends for new content ideas. Search the web and social media for trending topics.

Set some time aside to prioritize your list when you have sufficient ideas. Begin with the most popular or trending item, assign a priority level or ditch the idea if it's not viable after reviewing. Keep adding new ideas as they surface.

If you manage your idea pipeline well, you'll have a great starting point every time you start working on a new information product.

Step 3: Repurpose Your Existing Content

A fantastic way to accelerate the info product creation process is to re-use existing content you already have. This includes content you have created yourself and any PLR content you purchased.

You can update and refresh previously created content or repurpose it to create new value for your niche. It would help if you also thought about repurposing content whenever you create something new.

Repurposing content in this way will reduce your labor and production time. For example, turn audio recordings into slideshows, Livestream recordings or videos into blog articles, or long blog posts into infographics.

Step 4: Leverage Your Expertise and Knowledge

Take a moment to think about your expertise and knowledge. What can others learn from you? Or what could you teach in more depth? Review questions that people constantly ask you. These are the subject areas where you have skills, experience, and knowledge.

You will already have an idea of your strengths and abilities. By homing in and identifying them, you can generate digital products, like courses and training, that play to your key strengths and provide something unique for your prospects.

Fast information product development provides several advantages for your business. The key is to ensure that every info product you create and publish provides something unique and valuable for your audience. Accelerating the creation process ensures you can meet your market's needs without sacrificing quality.

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