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Why Run a Done-For-You Challenge?

Challenges are the answer to quickly growing your list. You’re also building a community packed with paying, engaged, dedicated fans who take action on your training.

Attract the right members and they will validate you as a coach by achieving results—and leaving you rave reviews.

Just by running the challenge, you automatically position yourself as the top, go-to expert for that topic.

You build your reputation and popularity, as well as your list.

Done-For-You Challenges From PLR Content Studio

Use our ‘ready-to-go’ challenge content with Private Label Rights to create your own challenge, course or information product to give away or to sell.

You can edit, rebrand and share it in away you like – or sell it and keep 100% of the profit!

With our done-for-you challenge kits, you get everything you need to deliver an engaging challenge – You can deliver this challenge as a paid product and then offer personal or group coaching afterwards.

Or you can give it a way as a free challenge or e-course to quickly grow your email list.

Deliver live, recorded or as an email series. It’s completely up to you!

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