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Build Your List With Bundles

Build Your List With Bundles

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I recommend White Label Perks & I have a few ideas to share on how to use their great content!

As opt-in gifts. Simply take the workbook that’s provided and save it as a PDF. Upload it to your website then paste the included autoresponders into your mailing list service. Easy peasy!

For video scripts. The content from White Label Perks is so meaty that you can grab a planner or workbook and use it as a script for your next Facebook Live or webinar.

As bonus items. Got a product launch coming up? Need content for that product bundle you want to participate in? Don’t reinvent the wheel here…grab a pack of PLR and repurpose it into a mini product.

For training purposes. Have a new VA and want to teach her how to handle a task for you? Send her some PLR that you’ve edited to include instructions specific to your brand. You’ll save time and money training her.

As a coaching guide. Use the questions from the workbooks to create a coaching guide that you can use as you work with clients. Or use the workbook to design a mini self-coaching session that clients can purchase!

That’s just scratching the surface! There are a million more ways to use your PLR and I’m sure you’ll be inspired just browsing the site…

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We are so confident you’ll be happy with the quality of our PLR products that we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction of our all our packages.

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