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Boost Your Affiliate Sales Kit

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Quickly grow your affiliate sales with this content and template kit.

Complete with guides, checklists, and templates so you can boost your affiliate marketing and product sales in next to no time!

Here’s what you get:

5 Affiliate Marketing & Sales Guides
3 Affiliate Marketing Checklists
9 Content Templates
12 Promotional Email Templates

Boost Your Affiliate Sales Kit

Quickly grow your affiliate sales with this content and template kit.

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely effective method to grow your business, a great way to make money online, and to supplement your income.

In order to grow your affiliate sales, you will need to adopt a number of practices in order to be successful.

A successful affiliate marketing strategy is the one that uses a combination of various marketing channels to achieve the best results in terms of return on investment.

These days, it’s not enough to just put up affiliate links on your site and call it a day. You want your readers to actually buy through those links. This content kit contain 5 guides with hot tips to grow your affiliate sales. Plus we've included 3 checklists, 9 content templates and 2 email sequences to help you boost your affiliate sales.

Here's everything you'll get with this content kit:


  • How To Sell More Affiliate Products
  • 6 Affiliate Marketing Success Strategies
  • Choosing the Right Affiliate Program for Your Business
  • 25 Best Practices for Affiliate Sales
  • 25 Tips for Adding Affiliate Marketing To Your Business



  • How to Become a Super Affiliate
  • How to Boost Your Reputation as an Affiliate
  • How to Find Good Affiliate Products to Promote


Content Templates

  • Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel File)
  • Promotional Content Topic Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Product Creator Interview Questions
  • ‘How To' Article Worksheet
  • ‘How To' Article Template
  • ‘Product Review' Worksheet
  • ‘Product Review' Template
  • ‘Product Comparison' Template
  • ‘Product Report' Template


Email Templates

4-part Email Series Templates

  • Heads Up Email Template
  • Product Announcement Email Template
  • Product Follow Up Email Template
  • Last Call Email Template


7-part Email Series Templates

  • Heads up for tomorrow Email Template
  • Benefits and Introduce Product Email Template
  • Imagine Their Future with The Product Email Template
  • How They Can Use the Product Email Template
  • Mistakes To Avoid Email Email Template
  • Last Day… Email Template
  • Few Hours Left / Last Day Email Template
  • Email Series Examples



Spring Sale Sale Price
Expires March 29, 2024 11:59 pm

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