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62 Content Creation Templates

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62 Content Creation Templates, Worksheets & Checklists

If you’re struggling with content marketing, this package of 62 time-saving templates, worksheets and checklists could be just what you need.


12 Content Planning Templates
6 Content Marketing Checklists
4 Content Publishing Calendar Templates
14 Content Design Templates & Worksheets
9 Copywriting Templates
12 Content Upgrade Templates

Covering everything from ideation, brainstorming and research to infographics, videos and email monetization… and lots, lots more!

Get instant access today – full details below.

Struggling with Content Marketing?

Content is an essential part of any small business marketing plan. Your content is what brings new people into your orbit, builds a relationship with your audience, and establishes you as an expert in your field.

Content design involves creating content not just to educate, inform, and entertain, but also to play a role in the journey your audience member has with your business. By designing each piece with a holistic point of view, you’ll create content that’s more effective in achieving your goals.

But for content marketing to work well, you need to take a systematic approach and get organized.

That’s why we’ve put together a collection of 62 templates that together create an easy-to-follow content creation process which will help you create new content in an organized, systematic way.

Having a reliable process will help you create and manage your content. These templates, workbooks and checklists are designed to speed up your content creation projects and ensure you get maximum value from your efforts.

62 Content Creation Templates, Worksheets & Checklists cover these key areas of content marketing:

  • Content Planning & Publication
  • Content Design & Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging

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Online Research Best Practices Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you stay on track while doing your online content marketing research.

Statistics and Quotation Resources

Including relevant statistics or thought-provoking quote will help keep your readers engaged and will add credibility to your writing. Here are some resources you can use to find quality statistics and quotes for your content.

Content Authority Guidebook

Use this guidebook as a quick crash course on how to catch people’s attention and make your message memorable with single every piece of content you write.

Compelling Personal Brand Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you create compelling content for your personal brand.

Content Upgrade Topic Ideas Worksheet

Use this worksheet to evaluate and assign content upgrade ideas to blog post topics.

Your Story Mapper Worksheet

Use this worksheet to create your own ‘story map' for using storytelling as part of your overall content marketing strategy.

Content Bucket Template

Use this template to brainstorm and prioritize your content buckets.

Audience Needs Worksheet

Use this worksheet to define your audience’s needs and determine which specific one to address in your content.

Image and Brand Best Practice Worksheet

Good branding is more than just deciding on fonts and colors: It’s understanding below-the-surface nuances involved in visual messaging—and using these nuances to reinforce your brand persona, building recognition and trust with your fans. Use this overview-style worksheet to ensure every piece of social content you create reflects and represents your brand.

Content Publication Blueprint

Use this simple blueprint to create a consistent content production workflow.

Email Monetization Worksheet

Use this worksheet to ensure every email you write is geared towards generating revenue.

Content Inventory Template

Use this spreadsheet template to organize your current and future content according to each area of expertise you want to be known for.

Here's a peek inside:


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Marketing Message – Assessment & Checklist

Use this assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing message and ensure it meets all the essential criteria. You’ll start by outlining your ideal customer and current message. Then use the 10-point checklist to assess its effectiveness.

Content Creation Checklist

Use this checklist to create the most interesting, relevant, and effective content sure to please your ideal paying customer.

Repurpose Your Content Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure you repurpose your content and distribute it across social media like a pro.

Engagement Content Checklist

Use this checklist when planning content for a group to ensure you include all the types of content you should publish in your group. This will ensure maximum engagement and interest.

Audience Building Checklist

Use this checklist to create a snapshot of your current presence on social media and you can use it to evaluate your content performance as you grow your audience over time.

Boost Conversions Checklist

Use this conversion checklist to help make sure more of your readers, followers and leads say ‘yes’ to your content upgrades, opt-in gifts and product offers.

Here's a peek inside:


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3-Month Content Calendar Template

Use this spreadsheet calendar to plan and organize the pieces of content you will create in the next 3 months.

Social Media Content Calendar Template

Use this spreadsheet calendar to plan out the type of content you want to post to engage and build your social media audience.

Yearly Content Topic Calendar Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan your content topics and content for the upcoming year, including holidays, anniversaries, and seasonal topics.

Monthly Content Schedule Template

Use this worksheet to plan your weekly and monthly content creation and publication schedule.

Here's a peek inside:



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eBook Brainstorming Worksheet  

Use this worksheet to plan your next free eBook, including what you will be promoting in it.

eBook Template

Use this eBook template to quickly create and format your eBook.

How to’ Article Brainstorming Worksheet

Use this worksheet to draft a list of topic ideas and flesh out an idea to create a ‘how to’ blog article.

‘How to’ Article Template

Use this template to quickly write and format your ‘how to’ blog article.

Case Study Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan the information you will need to create a compelling case study as a form of social proof.

Case Study Template

Use this Case Study template to quickly create and format your case study.

Myth Buster Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help go over misconceptions and introduce better alternatives.

Myth Buster Template

Use this Myth Buster template to quickly create and format your myth buster article.

Social Media Templates

Use this template to create a series of buzz-worthy social posts.

Infographic Strategy Planner

An infographic is a visual representation of information that gives an overview of a topic. Infographics have minimal text and are designed to clearly present information in an easy-to-follow, engaging format. Make infographics a part of your web content strategy with this infographic strategy planner.

Infographics Design Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan out the design and content for your infographic.

Video Content Strategy Planner

Not everybody wants to read 2,000+ words. Many people prefer a visual explanation, summary, or demonstration. This is where video can come in handy. Use this planner to embed videos in your long-form content and keep readers engaged.

Video Design Worksheet

Use this worksheet to plan out adding a video to a piece of your long-form website content.

Content Re-purposing Template

Use this template as a guide for effectively re-purposing your posts and articles for all the different social media channels.

Here's a peek inside:


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Crafting Your Unique Messaging Template

Use this template to craft your message – one that stands out, speaks to your ideal customer, and truly reflects your brand.

Copywriting Power Words You Need to Know

Use this list of power words to ensure your copy is compelling and attracts attention.

Motivating Phrases Templates

Use these motivating phrases templates to influence your readers to buy or follow through with whatever action you are asking them to take.

High-Converting Call-to-Action Worksheet

Your Call to Action (CTA) is one of the most critical snippets of text and graphics in your content. It tells people what they should do next, after landing on your page or reading your content. And without a good CTA, you can easily lose people who might otherwise have become loyal followers and customers. Use this worksheet to craft compelling and high-converting CTAs.

Open-Worthy Email Subject Lines Worksheet

Use this template to write email subject lines that have a high chance of actually being opened and read by your audience.

Feature Benefit Bullets Template 

Most readers scan your copy. But they’ll stop and read every word when you add short bullet points. Professional copywriters use bullet points to share the benefits of the product they’re promoting. For example, using the digital guitar course from earlier, your benefit bullets might look this…

Price Justification Template

Price justification is a way of convincing your customers to buy from you. You can use this method by pointing out what customers would have spent if they tried to do everything on their own or hired someone to do it for them.

Closings and Signoffs Template

The closing is the part of your copy where you sign off. You add a closing phrase like “Thank you” or “To Your Success”. Then put your name and a guarantee. The guarantee is useful if you’re selling something and want to reassure your audience.

Attention-Grabbing Headlines Template

Headlines must hook the reader or viewer into consuming your content. The hook is the angle of your headline. It’s the narrative you’re telling throughout your copy.

A headline should be designed to make readers curious. You can have an amazing article or sales letter but without a compelling headline, no one will read it. Use this template to craft attention-grabbing headlines that will compel readers to dive into your content.

Here's a peek inside:


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Blog Post Planning Worksheet

Creating the perfect blog post takes a little more than just sitting down with a cup of coffee and knocking out the first few sentences that come to mind. Use this worksheet to plan your next post that really speaks to your audience and achieves what you need it to.

Blog Post Content Template

Use this to help structure your blog post content.

Blog Post Design Template

Use this to create a design document for your blog posts so that you can achieve consistency and improve your brand recognition.

Audit Blog Posts Checklist

Audit your existing blog posts so that you can improve them with the help of this checklist.

Monetizing Blog Posts Worksheet

Use this worksheet to ensure all your blog articles are fully monetized and you’re not missing any opportunities to generate revenue.

Here's a peek inside:


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3 Report Templates

A handy way to turn articles or emails into a report.

3 Worksheet Templates

Use these templates to quickly create worksheets from your content.

3 Checklist Templates

Another set of templates to help you create fresh content.

3 Slideshow Templates

Convert your articles, blog posts or emails into slideshows using these handy templates


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2 reviews for 62 Content Creation Templates

  1. Harri (verified owner)

    Great pack of templates for content creation.

  2. Glenda (verified owner)

    Great quality and good value

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