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You need lots of content if you want to grow your business online

You’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or coach building your business to enjoy more freedom to do the things you love. 

You’re looking for ways to grow your following, generate more leads, and increase your income to 6-figures or more.

But you are:

> Worn out doing everything yourself

> Feeling frustrated at the lack of results

> Struggling with your MAHOOSIVE to-do list…

The last thing you need is to sit in front of a blank screen and come up with brilliant ideas for content…

But to thrive online, you need CONTENT – and lots of it!

So, what can you do?

Stop stressing about content creation and put PLR content to work for you today...

Ready to discover the benefits of using private label content in your business?

Hello & Welcome. 

I'm Andrew, founder and lead content creator at the PLR Content Studio!

The world of online business and internet marketing is fast-paced and forever changing. But, the good news is that whatever industry you are in, MANY MORE of your ideal customers are online than ever before.

To make the most of this HUGE opportunity, you need to keep publishing new content and create fresh online products and services – that takes a lot of work and certainly takes a lot of CONTENT!

I aim to share with you the genuine opportunities and benefits that PLR or Private Label Rights can bring to small business owners like you and me!

And to address any concerns and avoid the pitfalls when using and buying PLR materials. I've answered some of the most common questions about PLR below.

Andrew Wilson


Andrew Wilson, Founder and Lead Content Creator

Why choose us?

PLR Content is a real game changer

"This is a real game changer for a small business like mine."

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Phil Beane
Health App Business Owner

Wish I'd discovered PLR years ago

"This is just brilliant. Wish I'd discovered it years ago. Thank you so much!"

PLR Content Studio Testimonial Fran
Fran Henry
Wellness Coach
professionally written, high-quality PLR CONTENT

Saves you tons of time & money – you don’t have to write from scratch or hire a copywriter.

Instantly available to download and use today

You don’t have to wait days, weeks, or months for your content – you can download, edit and publish it today.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re sure you’ll love our PLR products, but just in case, we offer a fair refund policy – it’s the best in the industry!

Our PLR products

We have a wide range of material on various hot topics, from PLR articles, list-building reports, PLR eBooks, PLR planners, done-for-you journals, white-label courses, and follow-up emails.

We add new, fresh PLR products to our range every week – be sure to check back soon and find out what’s new.

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What our clients are saying

I chose Andrew's PLR service because he shared how his content gets great results. There's an art to writing effectively for a website. I was impressed by the content and it's saved so much time.

Gitte Lasson

Life Coach

There has been so much great content that I have used as the basis of all my marketing plans. Andrew’s workbook and PLR ebooks and blog articles helped me to grow my email list. Thanks for all your help.

Adam Lloyd

Personal Trainer & Nutritional Therapist

I'm so glad I've discovered PLR Content Studio's done-for-you content. It's excellent & such a time saver. I was able to edit the articles to suit my personality and opinions quickly. Writing & content creation went so much faster having the bones already there! Thank you!

Marc Smith

Business Coach

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you’ll be happy with the quality of our PLR products, but just in case, we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction with all our packages. Refunds policy.

More success with your content marketing campaigns

"I’ve been using PLR Content Studio for the last couple of months, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered it. I’ve had more success with my marketing campaigns as a result. I used to start each day dreading all the writing I needed to do. This PLR content saves loads of time! I don't know how I'd get all my content created if it weren't for PLR Content Studio. Thank you!"

plr-content-studio-testimonial - Marek
Martin Batson
Business Owner, South Africa

A perfect PLR supplier delivering quality PLR content

“I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant PLR products. I am so impressed with the amount and the quality of your content on your site at It's good to know that there's a perfect PLR supplier delivering high-quality PLR content. Keep up the good work, Andrew & Team! You really deserve my money. Thank you again for everything.”

plr-content-studio-testimonial - Adele
Adele Smith
Entrepreneur & Broadcaster, UK


Content marketing made simple...


What is PLR content?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, and PLR content is a source of copywriting that many small businesses use for content marketing. PLR sellers supply a non-exclusive license for the content, meaning the PLR buyer has the right to change the content and publish it as their own. They can put their branding on the PLR materials they buy.

Where can I get free PLR downloads to try?

If you are unsure if PLR content is right for you, it is best to try some free samples first. While PLR content can save you considerable time and money, you first need to find a quality PLR supplier. Free PLR downloads are available for use and to try the content first. Here are free PLR articles you can download and use in your business today.

How do I use PLR content?

You can rewrite and repurpose PLR content in any way you want, provided it is within the license agreement and terms of use. You can repurpose written PLR content into other formats like podcasts or YouTube videos. E.g., You can repurpose a PLR eBook about healthy eating on a budget into a Livestream for your Facebook Group. You could create an online course from a series PLR blog articles about SEO. The only limit is your creativity!

Can I add my logo and name as author to the PLR I purchase?

Yes, you can. The PLR license you buy from us allows you to add your branding and name as the author on the content.
If you’re worried about adding your name and stating that you wrote it, you can say something like:
“Brought to you by…”
“Created by…”
“Introduction by…”
“Edited by...”

Aren’t there many other businesses publishing the same content?

Yes, other people may have bought the same PLR products. But this shouldn’t put you off using PLR. We provide advice and ideas on rewriting, editing, and repurposing the content you buy from us. I always recommend customizing your PLR to get the best results.

What about duplicate content issues?

‘Duplicate content’ was an issue several years ago when spammers attempted to mislead search engines by creating dozens of identical pages with the same content, which resulted in a poor user experience. If you use PLR content in the recommended way, you won’t have any problems with this.

Where can I get other questions about PLR answered?

Contact us here if you have any other questions about our PLR content products, we’re always happy to help, and we’d love to hear from you. Contact Us

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you’ll be happy with the quality of our PLR products, but just in case, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction with all our packages.